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MMI Black screen *FIX*  


So you may or may not come across a black mmi screen while starting your Q and won't come on at all what so ever. If that happens like it did you me..

Go to the trunk, pull the right side cover with the 12V socket in it.

Once removed you will find 2 fuse panels. Pull the fuse that has a 7.5A fuse and wait 30 seconds.

Once the time has passed, put the fuse back in, you'll hear click click click. Go to the dash, put your key in and the MMI screen will come on.

I also noticed by this reset my MMI load times seen to be alot faster. Every computer needs a hard reset from time to time.

Hope this helps.


2014 Q5 TDI
Intake Mod - 20% tint, Transmission mount,

Posted : 13/07/2020 2:16 pm
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